We work with accelerators and incubators on different programs to help founders, startups, and SMEs learn about Operational Excellence and how to integrate it into their business model.
Our topics
How to achieve operational excellence (120 min)

Are you overwhelmed and feel stuck in the entrepreneurship race? This workshop will show you a pathway for simple predictable, low-stress growth. From flowcharts to system mapping we will guide you through the steps of building a predictable process that delivers high-quality outputs.

From key concepts and tools to methodologies and implementation best practices, we will help you set organizational priorities for continuous process improvement.

1- What is operational excellence

2- How to determine the company vision and mission

3- How to leverage your competitive advantage in the marketplace

4- How to determine the company goals and set the right objectives

5- What tools to use

How to build an effective performance management program (120 min)

How do ordinary people achieve extraordinary outcomes?

The answer is with the magic of alignment: when everyone in your team agrees on a set of goals and works every day to achieve them. This is where performance management comes in. When implemented from day 1, it will help you save time and money and ultimately grow your business.

This workshop will give you time-tested strategies to maximize your team efficiency, and help you achieve outsized goals.

1- What is OPM (Organization Performance Management)
2- What are the phases of the OPM cycle

2.1 Performance planning

2.2 Performance appraisal

2.3 Performance improvement

How to successfully scale your startup (120 min)

Growing pains are inevitable for most small businesses. At some point in your journey, your business will outgrow its former self. And pretty soon, you will face some very confusing forks in the road, like, whether to: Grow your team and hire more, or stay small and nimble;

Raise capital or stay self-funded;
Stay in your niche or expand to new market horizons; Acquire other startups—or be acquired.
Luckily, the problem of scaling up is always a “growth problem.” It’s an opportunity for you to channel your challenges in the right direction and to expand your business’s impact.
In this workshop, we will show you how exactly you should scale your business.

1- Growing or scaling?
2- Startups vs scaleups

3- What are the key challenges of scaling a startup?

4- How to scale a startup instead of growing?

5- When should you scale your startup?

How to develop an operational plan (120 min)

Today's businesses are comprised of complex operations with departments and teams working together to achieve shared goals. However, what makes a business successful is direction.

One way to ensure the business knows where it's headed at all times is to create an operational plan. While many business owners and managers understand how important strategic plans are, they often lack a critical logistical element. This is where an operations plan comes in.

1- What is an operational plan and why do you need one
2- How to create your operational plan

3- How to define your key resources

4- How to define and optimize your supply chain

5- When and how to scale

How to master your presentations skills (120 min)

Not only is pitching useful for attracting investors and raising money, it is also a powerful tool that helps one come to an agreement on a subject. When executed well, it allows one to improve one’s capacity to close sales, secure partnerships, raise money from potential investors or even improve one’s recruitment rate.

In this workshop, you will learn how to present with greater confidence and professionalism, be clear when pitching, ensure emphasis on key messages, learn to plan and structure presentations, and keep an audience engaged.

1- What are the elements that make a good presentation?
2- The 4 P’s

2.1 Plan

2.2 Prepare

2.3 Practice

2.4 Present

How to develop your customer journey mapping (120 min)

The customer journey is the process by which a customer interacts with a company in order to achieve a goal. Today's consumers interact with brands in ways that are tricky to pin down. From gaining awareness of a brand via social media, to receiving a "thank you for your purchase" email after a successful transaction, there are usually many and varied steps in between.

In this workshop, we'll explain everything you need to know about the customer journey, including what it is and how to map it.

1- How to set customers goals
2- How to gather information
3- How to define touch points
4- How to create an empathy map
5- How to create your customer journey

How to build a great customer success program (120 min)

Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you wish to increase revenue and expand while reducing churn and acquisition costs? Then it’s time to build your Customer Success program.
Customer success is anticipating customer challenges or questions and proactively providing solutions and answers. It helps you boost customer happiness and retention, thus increasing your revenue and customer loyalty.

1- What is customer success
2- What’s the difference between customer success and
customer service
3- Why do you need a customer success program

4- How to build a customer success program.

How to develop a winning communication strategy (120 min)

If you are like the majority of companies, your communication strategy is all over the place.

From website to social media and presentations, you are sending inconsistent messages to the world and hurting your marketing efforts?

This workshop will give you practical, actionable steps to 10X your messaging.

We will share tips, tools, and systems to make a dramatic improvement to how you present yourself to all stakeholders.

In this workshop, we’ll cover all you need to know to set up a successful business communication strategy.

1- Measure your communication in the workplace

2- The four pillars of success for your internal communication strategy

3- Level up your external communications strategy

How to optimize your operation (120 min)

Business operations, for any company, can always be improved. For startups and SMEs, honing effectiveness and efficiency is critical. You need all available resources to hit the next stage of growth and be able to manage competition from much bigger companies. Entrepreneurs are often driven by ideas, but businesses are driven by processes. This workshop will help you blend the two to optimize the management of daily operations to increase your chances of success.

1- How to optimize your operational plan
2- How to manage and optimize your key resources
3- How to define and optimize your supply chain
4- When and how to scale

How to build a complementary team (120 min)

How well you build a team as a primary founder can define the future success of your entire startup. But how to do that? How to build a winning startup team that not only wouldn’t sink your project but would also yield stunning results?

In this workshop, we will learn how to find and build the team that will help you grow your startup.

1- What makes a successful startup team
2- What to do before you set up a team
3- When to partner and when to hire
4- Who should join your team
5- Where and how to search for startup team members
6- What to avoid when creating a team
7- Steps to build a team for your startup

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