Overwhelmed by all the administrative details required to successfully run a business? We worry about your operations so you don't have to. We support you by reviewing current operations, providing an understanding of challenges, crafting solutions, and tracking results.

  • Set up digital communication plans
  • Design roadmap to customer journey success
  • Integrate marketing communication plan funnel
  • Implement and monitor the communication strategy
  • Develop strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy
  • Oversee the recruitment and selection process
  • Develop and monitor onboarding processes 
  • Nurture a positive working environment
  • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system 
  • Assess training needs to apply and monitor training programs

  • Oversee customer service teams, designers, and developers to improve user experience
  • Develop the buyer’s journey and the customer life cycle
  • Empower employees to make customer-centric decisions
  • Work with marketing to develop campaigns designed to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand image
  • Measure and track the impact of key performance indicators
What they're saying
Christelle joined Jaleesa as a consultant after 16 years in her previous company which she founded. Becoming our COO, her efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to execute transformed our startup’s operations into a well-run, well-organized program with documented processes and measurable standards. She also took a lead on marketing, getting involved on both strategic and delivery levels, bringing in consistency and quality that quickly showed results. Christelle espoused the mission and vision of Jaleesa, making them her own, and demonstrated grit in difficult times, while also sharing the credit generously when we achieved successes. Christelle is an extremely effective manager, and staff noticeably blossomed under her leadership, by setting clear expectations, being very hands-on, and making sure follow-up was completed. She used her extensive and diverse networks to identify and recruit suitable staff. She is unafraid to innovate, to try new things, and takes a customer-centric approach, personally contacting customers and reporting on their needs. Christelle is a truly exceptional partner, leader, and much-loved team member, and I strongly recommend her for future opportunities.
Angela Solomon- CEO Jaleesa
Jan Willem de Coo- CEO Wave
Christelle helped us grow during the early stage of our startup. She set up our customer service system and social media strategy. It was very nice working with her. She is friendly and professional, but also dedicated and thorough to get results quickly. I recommend any kind of company to work with Christelle since she has the ability to adapt to the new environment fast and to be part of the team in no time.
Hala Katounas- CEO em-om
Christelle worked as a consultant with em-om for a period of six months. She was a great value add to the team and to the company. She worked hard on institutionalizing the business despite it being a start-up. She added a lot of structure and streamlined the operations and processes. Christelle worked very well with the team and managed to motivate them throughout her tenure with em-om. She understood the business in no time and was very dedicated to delivering the plan that was put together for the company. She is particularly strong in customer centricity and customer satisfaction, in establishing the right processes for a business, in training the team, and in driving business development. Christelle is a great pleasure to work with and I have no doubt em-om will call upon her services again and again!
Our expertise

  • Set operations management process
  • Develop operational goals timeline
  • Determine competitive analysis
  • Establish business development strategy
  • Develop productivity table
  • Optimize product and service design
Organizational operation
Sales and Marketing
Customer Success
Teams management